Introducing StatPlanet

Food Security CASE Maps (data visualization tool)

StatPlanet is a powerful interactive data visualization and mapping tool that is used by international organizations such as UNESCO, SACMEQ, the Global Environmental Facility, and the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) to communicate and more easily interpret data.

One of StatPlanet’s greatest strengths is its user-friendly interface that enables non-technical users to explore statistics. The software also automates the complex process of converting raw data into interactive maps and visualizations, enabling non-technical users to create interactive maps and visualizations with relative ease. (The software can be downloaded here and used free of charge.) Click on "more" for additional details.

StatPlanet’s aim is to promote evidence-based decision making by improving and facilitating the communication and interpretation of information. StatPlanet achieves this by providing:

  • Attractive interactive visualizations which facilitate the interpretation of information
  • A user friendly interface that is accessible also to non-technical users
  • Automated data visualization (including the processes of merging and synchronizing data from different sources)
  • An easy-to-disseminate software system which can enable anyone to explore and create data visualizations - regardless of technical skills, availability of Internet connectivity, and computer hardware or software.

Founded in 2005 by Frank van Cappelle, StatPlanet is under continuous development. In 2008, van Cappelle started customizing StatPlanet for various organizations, including the SACMEQ research programme at the UNESCO International Institute for Educational Planning (IIEP). In 2010, Cappelle teamed up with IFPRI.

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Source: StatPlanet User Guide, Frank van Cappelle, 2010

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