HOW TO: Indicators

The indicator window, in the top left corner of the screen, allows you to select the categories available on IFPRI StatPlanet. These include: Population, GDP, GDP per capita, Children malnourished (0 to 5 years), Kilocalories per capita per day, Feed demand by commodity (rice, wheat, maize), Food demand by commodity (rice, wheat, maize), Production (rice, wheat, maize), Trade (rice, wheat, maize) , and Yield (rice, wheat, maize). Click on "more" for additional details.
It also allows you to switch between the two maps available on IFPRI StatPlanet - the national map and the Food Producing Unit (FPU) map.
How to select a category: Use the drop-down menu in the top of the indicators window to select a new category. Some categories also have sub-categories. Mouse over the arrows to view these sub-categories. Click to select a category.
How to select a region: Use the drop-down menu in the top of the indicators window to select and zoom into a different region, such as 'East Africa' or 'Latin America'. It is also possible to select countries to define a custom region (see country selection window).
How to use the indicator bars: The bars are scaled in proportion to the maximum value of that particular indicator for all countries in the selected region. For example, if the value for country X is 20 and the maximum value for all countries is 100, the bar will be scaled at 20%. You can also scale the bars as a percentile by selecting 'Percentile' as the Visualization type in the options window.
How to bookmark an indicator: Click the 'star' button in the indicators window to bookmark the selected indicator. The bookmarked indicator will remain, even when you switch to another category. This allows you to:
  • create scatter plot graphs
  • compare the bookmarked indicator with indicators from other categories
  • compare two indicators through the choropleth map (representing the selected indicator) and the proportional symbol map (representing the bookmarked indicator)

How to find indicator definitions: If a definition exists for an indicator, the definition will appear in a popup when moving the mouse over the indicator. The definition only shows for the indicator which is selected or bookmarked.

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